01.05.2018 7:30 pm – Silver Star Cafe

01.20.2018 3:00 pm – Stein Eriksen Lodge

01.22.2018 4:00 pm – The Chateaux

02.05.2018 3:00 pm -The Chateaux

02.17.2018 3:00 pm – Stein Eriksen Lodge

02.26.2018 4:00 pm – The Chateaux

03.03.2018 3:00 pm – Stein Eriksen Lodge

03.05.2018 4:00 pm – The Chateaux

03.09.2018 7:30 pm – Silver Star Cafe

03.26.2018 4:00 pm – The Chateaux

05.20.2018 TBD – Casa Kris house concert


We’re available for private events, restaurants, house concerts, you name it! You can contact us via email at:


Marty Morrison

vocals, guitar

Born and raised in and around Chicago, Marty has been hooked on music since early childhood. He started playing guitar at the age of seventeen, and was influenced early on by many guitarists, including Jimmy Page, Duane Allman, Roy Buchanan, Leo Kottke, and Eric Clapton. In 1976, Marty moved to Utah, and has lived in and around the Park City area ever since. During that time, he has played with numerous bands in just about every live music venue Park City has had to offer over the years, and many in Salt Lake Valley as well. Marty’s love and appreciation of many different types of music is reflected in both his electric and acoustic guitar playing.

Drew Frink

vocals, mandolin, guitar, bass

Drew Frink started his music career on the badminton racket many years ago. Since then, he has migrated to more traditional instruments, including bass, guitar, mandolin, and saxophone. He wandered west from Rhode Island with a car full of various and sundry instruments, his Yale music degree, and a deep and burning desire to loiter in the west. Along the way he has performed with numerous groups in Utah including the Karma Kanics, Catherine’s Clock, and Small House Strings, and toured Europe with “Jared Galllardo and Mumblypeg” and “Big Eyed Beans from Venus.” Recording credits include Shari Short, Jeanne Rhettos, and Chicago Mike.

The Band

Following five years of playing together in the electric full-band setting, Drew joined Marty as the other half of his acoustic duo, Small House Strings. Eighteen years later, they’re still going strong and enjoying playing together more than ever. They have performed at dozens of Park City’s live music venues, as well as numerous private functions, and are well established within the local music scene. Their enormous play list of covers and originals encompasses many styles, including rock, blues, jazz, newgrass/bluegrass, and folk, featuring many instrumental pieces. This wide range of material, combined with many years of live performance, has resulted in the ability to play to a wide variety of listening audiences. Their unconfined approach to playing in the acoustic duo format gives them a unique sound, particularly on their many mandolin and guitar arrangements.